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Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are a hot new trend. By modifying and repurposing used shipping containers, you can build a house!

Take steps to simplify your life

A Budget-Friendly Container Homes

The amazing versatility of shipping container tiny homes makes them ideal for a variety of purposes, including commercial offices, remote living, off-grid living, and backyard studios and offices. 

In addition to design and site preparation, permitting, delivery and trucking, finishing the site, and connecting to local services, we can help with all the details of the construction.

An increasingly popular way to gain a home away from home and also gain a year-round income is by renting out vacation rentals in popular tourist destinations.


We can turn your dreams into reality with our modular container homes. We can get it done for you, affordably, just the way you want.


Investment Ideas for Shipping Containers

Start thinking outside the box in your investment planning – or rather, start thinking about the box – instead of focusing on that perfect property. Using used shipping containers allows you to build industrial-grade facilities on a budget while still having flexibility. By starting with used shipping containers, you can find the perfect niche for your investment.

A Budget-Friendly Container Home

In today’s world, one must be willing to spend a lifetime’s fortune to realize his or her dream home, much less build something with the environment in mind.

Is It Possible To Save Money By Living In A Tiny Home?

The first step for many families living in large homes is to change their mindset by minimizing their possessions and adjusting their priorities. A few of these hurdles have to be overcome before making the leap.

It can be challenging to live in a compact structure with limited storage space. There’s no doubt that open family spaces make for great gathering spaces, but they’re not conducive to privacy.

What are the benefits?

Consider the outdoors. It is common for people who prefer tiny houses to be outdoorsy. A tiny house is also a natural fit for rural areas and vacation rental properties. Adding decks to your tiny house can enhance your indoor living space if you live in a house with favorable weather.


Basic container homes can be built for under $20k if you’re building yourself.

Their durability makes them a good choice. This airtight, watertight, metal structure is designed to haul 20 to 30 tons and stack 10 high.

The designs are minimalist, which makes them unique and trendy. They’re portable. They’re Eco-friendly. Around 8,000 pounds of steel are repurposed every time a shipping container is recycled into a home.

In order to insulate the container walls, we must build stud walls inside and spray-foam or install rigid foam. Since they are so airtight, they have excellent thermal properties even without 2×4 depth insulation. Of course, in much colder climates than Canada, they can be more heavily insulated.

Most containers are made in China. In most cases, they are shipped to Canada with a small load instead of arriving empty. Basically, these are brand-new “one-trippers.”. Others can be purchased for a bargain from ports after 10-15 years of global travel.

Yes! Container homes have the advantage of being easily transported—trucks, trains, and trailers are designed specifically for moving them. Moving them does not damage their structural integrity because they are incredibly strong.


The highest importance is put on each individual project’s time management and seamless execution.


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