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Exterior Design & Renovation

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Exterior Design & Renovation

Building another front, side, or back yard is no little investment, however it can give a great deal of blast to your buck regarding curb appeal, value and satisfaction.

Window and Door Installation

Install windows and doors with a style you’ll adore. We offer a wide range of styles from USA, Europe and Canada Manufactures

Installing the highest quality windows in the industry is what we do.
Request a free in-home estimate. Book a free quote today if you are looking for the highest quality windows.

Deck, Fence, Patio and Backyard

Our deck specialists breathe life into your lawn with handcrafts, genuine craftsmanship and a full line of the toughest deck materials.

Our deck design and deck building services are of the highest quality in the greater Toronto area.

Exterior Design & Renovation

General Refurbishment and Renovation

We offer a full range of building services, all the way from complete home builds through to renovation of your current property. A complete remodeling service to transform your home: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Flooring plus much more.

– Exterior and Interior home improvements, including decking and fencing.
– Basement and apartments
– Kitchen and bathroom fitting
– Repair and restoration of fire or flood damage
– Door or window replacement
– Wooden flooring
– Heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Home Painting Services

We provide free advice, inspections and estimates for any type of project, from roof repairs and building maintenance to complete re-roofing projects.

– Residential and Commercial Painting
– Plastering, sanding, taping and covering

Save Energy, Enhance Aesthetics, and Protect Your Home with Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems

Our Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) offer a game-changing solution for homeowners looking to maximize energy efficiency, elevate the visual appeal of their homes, and ensure long-lasting protection against the elements.

Unlike traditional insulation methods, EIFS provides a seamless barrier that significantly reduces energy loss, keeping your home comfortable year-round while slashing utility bills. Moreover, the system’s customizable finishes allow you to transform the exterior of your home, adding a touch of elegance and increasing its curb appeal.

For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary consultation and estimate for your home’s EIFS installation. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the benefits of our cutting-edge technology and enjoy a more energy-efficient, beautiful, and well-protected home.


The highest importance is put on each individual project’s time management and seamless execution.